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Services for Veterinary Professionals

Veterinary Relief and telemedicine 


We have provided veterinary relief services to over 20 hospitals in 4 states, so you can count on us when you or your employees need some time off! We also offer telemedicine consults for pets in SC. 


Currently servicing northern South Carolina and Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. 

Veterinary Business services

Vaduva Vet Services' commitment to the veterinary profession combined with extensive business experience gives us the ability to provide valuable virtual business functions such as strategic planning, financial and data analysis as part of Vaduva Consulting Services, in addition to marketing and advertising services as part of Vaduva Veterinary Marketing. Rest assured, services will be performed and delivered on time!

Diagnostic Imaging


Vaduva Vet Services offers x-ray reports written by an in-house, residency-trained veterinary radiologist who can provide detailed interpretations with a short turnaround time.   

Email us at to get your account set up with us. Other diagnostic imaging interpretations, such as CT and MRI are coming soon!


Designed to provide valuable support for you and your clients.

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