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What's the hype about hyperandrogenism?

This is a condition that has only been documented in dogs, particularly in intact male dogs.

Hyperandrogenism is caused by excessive production of hormones such as testosterone

It can cause skin changes such as alopecia (hair loss) of the trunk, behavior issues (such as aggression) as well as reproductive changes.

Cause of this condition include: testicular tumor/ testicular hyperplasia, adrenal tumor, hyperplasia, or hyperplasia-like syndrome/altered steroidogenesis, iatrogenically if a pet is exposed to synthetic hormones

In Nordic breeds (such as Keeshond, Chow Chow, Samoyed etc), the condition is referred to as Alopecia X and it is believed to be due to a adrenal cortical 21-hydroxylase deficiency which results in hyperandrogenism and secondary decrease in growth hormone.

Treatment should be based on the cause of hyperandrogenism; may include castration, medical treatment with mitotane, growth hormone administration, among others

Testing may include multiple evaluations of serum testosterone levels, ACTH stimulation test, and GnRH to measure testosterone, among others

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