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Mighty Mites Part 2: Scabies

You may have heard of scabies, but did you know the following fascinating facts?

Dogs with sarcoptic mange (or scabies) are primarily affected by a mite species called Sarcoptes scabei whereas cats are affected by a mite species called Notedres cati. Both of these burrow in the pet’s skin and cause intense itching and skin issues

Humans can become infected with either mite, but the infection is often self-limiting

However, if clinical signs persist or you are concerned, make sure to see your doctor

Sarcoptes scabei can be difficult to find on the diagnostic skin test called skin scraping; they are sometimes only found in 30-50% of skin scrapings so repeating this test may be recommended!

Notoedres cati are easier to find on skin scrapings but the disease is rare overall


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