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Let's Talk Routine Bathing

Hi Pet Lovers, okay so this information may seem super obvious but if you’re either a new pet owner or just haven’t had to bathe your pet in the past, this blog post is for you.

Let us start with the basics about routine bathing. First, make sure the area you’re washing them in has good footing and that they are safe and secure. Many pets may not enjoy bathing and they may get injured if they don’t have proper footing or if they aren’t properly confined in a safe and secure space.

Next, pick the right shampoo. This blog post specifically addresses routinebathing, meaning that it is not applicable for pets with skin issues. Of course, please seek veterinary care if your pet has skin issues. The shampoo you pick should be non-medicated and appropriate for the species of interest.

So how do you pick the right shampoo? Well, first pick a brand that is reputable. They should be safe for use in pets (obvious but important) and that is pH balanced. Bonus points if it also smells super good!

Lastly, when bathing, make sure to leave the shampoo on for 10-15 minutes then rinse completely. Be mindful of the external temperatures while your pet is drying. I recommend bathing at least once a month and more often if your pet requires it.

Those are the highlights for this topic, thanks for reading! Got questions? Leave me a note:)

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