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Feline Lymphoma Part 2: Large Cell LSA

In a previous blog post, we covered a general overview about feline lymphoma as well as specific information about small cell LSA. In this post, we will discuss specific details about large cell lymphoma.

In cases of large cell LSA, there is usually a focal mass affecting the normal GI wall layering and mesenteric lymph node enlargement. Unlike small cell lymphoma, large cell lymphoma can often be diagnosed on cytology.

However, it can be sometimes be difficult to distinguish LSA from IBD on ultrasound; however, thickening of the muscularis layer and mesenteric lymph nodes that are greater than 1cm wide makes GI LSA a more likely cause

The most common immunophenotype in large cell LSA is B cell; the prognosis is unfortunately usually poor. The treatment recommendation is usually surgery which is then followed up by chemotherapy.

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