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Do you know about FELV?

Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV) can be a grave and life-threatening illness for your cat⚠️.The good news is - there is a vaccine available to prevent this disease. 🙌

Make sure to ask your vet if they recommend this based on your cat’s health and lifestyle! ☑️

For more information, check out these 3️⃣ Facts about Feline Leukemia Virus below

✨ FELV is a retrovirus🦠 that affects cats and can cause cancer (such as lymphoma and leukemia) and immune suppression

✨Transmission is through cat-to-cat contact, or vertical transmission (transmmary or transplacental). To reduce the chance of cat-to-cat contact, make sure to quarantine and test any new cats. It is also ideal keep your cat indoors 🏡 to reduce possible exposure

✨ Routine point-of-care SNAP test screening is recommended; the feline leukemia vaccine does not interfere with the result because it is an antigen test. However, due to factors such as the fact some FELV infections can be transient, it is important to retest with the same or different test such as IFA


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