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Introduction to Vets Know Best

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Hi fellow Pet Lovers! My name is Dr. Flavia Vaduva; this is the start of my blog series called Vets Know Best. Welcome 😊 We are glad you're here.

In these pieces, you will find facts and recommendations about a variety of over-the-counter pet products and supplies and as well as other important information regarding pet care and pet health from a vet's perspective.

I designed this series because I think it’s important to have a reputable source to get information from. And, because I was a pet owner and lover long before I became a veterinarian, I know just how overwhelming it can be when there are so many pet products and so much information out there!

Some key points that we need to cover are that this is not a substitute for veterinary advice and my thoughts may not represent the opinions of other veterinarians.

Thanks so much for reading this intro and please stay tuned for more!

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