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Mobile Veterinary Services for Pets


Dog and cat Packages

Our adult dog packages are comprehensive and a great value. These packages range from $115-$140 and include core vaccines, intestinal parasite screening or deworming and a heartworm test. 

Designed to fit your cat's lifestyle, our adult cat package includes core vaccines, intestinal parasite screening or deworming and feline retroviral screening (FELV/FIV test). These packages range from $105-$135.

adult Horse 


 Our horses package are designed to make sure your horses are protected against common infectious and parasitic agents. That's why our adult horse packages include core vaccines, fecal testing and Coggin's. Please call or email for pricing information.  

Puppy & Kitten Packages

Thorough, yet affordable, these packages are designed specifically for your puppy, kitten or entire litter. Prices range from $105-$135 depending on the package your pet needs. It's also important to remember that puppies and kittens usually need a series of vaccine boosters for proper immunity.  We believe in the importance of early wellness and are passionate about the health of your pet through all stages!

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We provide mobile veterinary care via in-home visits for preventive and wellness care in Rock Hill, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina! (Limited to North and South Carolina only, within a 20 mile radius of Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC)

Telemedicine consults are also available for pets in NC and SC (when deemed appropriate and in accordance with state laws).

Our preventive care packages are the best deal, but the a-la-carte services below are available too. 

House or farm call fee $30 

Physical examination $35 

Nail trims $10 

Individual vaccinations $30 (except for Rabies vaccine, which is $10)

Fecal test $30 

Heartworm test $40 

Microchipping $35 

Interstate Health Certificate $40 

Labwork panels - pricing available upon request 

Medication - pricing available upon request 

We offer multi-pet and military discounts! 

We offer a variety of heartworm and flea/tick control products, too! We recommend using these products year-round.​

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